Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sir Manny Mojito and the Knights of the Mesa Redonda become depressed when they hear tropical depression Noel is headed their way

"Tropical depression Noel?" Sir Manny Mojito, King of Little H, asked in disbelief.

"It's coming our way," Sir Belvedere of Plymouth replied.

"But we've been worshipping non-stop before the Elita Loresca Storm Goddess altar since June to keep hurricanes away."

"We are not worthy."

"No wonder she skipped town."

"Talk about rubbing our un-worthiness in our own faces. She's even given it a proper British name!"

"Boy, boys," Verticus Erectvs interrupted, "it's not your fault. Your constant vigil in front of the Elita Loresca Storm Goddess altar kept us hurricane-free all these months. If anyone's to blame it's that little tart you built this altar to."

"Blasphemer!" Sir Percival screamed. Sir Belvedere had to restrain him lest he impale Verticvs with his broadsword.

Bobby Bermudez jumped in. "Verticvs is right. Elita Loresca abandoned you, you never gave up on her. Talk about old school chivalry, you, Knights of the Mesa Redonda, should be holding your heads high!"

"Must...keep...praying," Sir Belvedere mumbled as if in a trance.

And, as if well-trained monks, they turned in unison, knelt on the floor, and began to chant and pray some more. No one could persuade them to take a break from the five month long self-imposed mission. Nor would anyone try to convince them that Elita Loresca was not worthy-- especially when the weary and short tempered knights were carrying their long and very sharp broadswords.

UpDate (10/29): Pray boys, pray! It's now a tropical storm!

UpDate (10/30): Dammit! What the hell's going on over there in front of that cheezy altar? Noel's a killer on the loose and it's coming our way!

"," one of the Knights of the Mesa Redonda moaned.

UpDate (10/31): Boys! Boys, don't give up! It seems to be working! Your unselfish devotion to the Goddess of the Storm is turning Noel away from Florida! So stop flailing yourselves with your chainmail, because you are worthy! It looks like you may have saved all of Florida!

UpDate (11/1): Success! The boys were able to shift Noel's course away from Florida! A thankful people showers them with valuable gifts and suggests a parade is in order following the end of hurricane season.

UpDate (11/2): Noel, far out to sea, has been elevated to a "killer hurricane" with a death toll in its wake of over 116 people.

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