Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sir Manny Mojito, King of Little H, and the Knights of the Mesa Redonda are recognized for their unselfish devotion to saving Florida from hurricanes

"We are humbled," Sir Manny replied to the many keys of the city-- and one from the state-- that were given to him and the Knights of the Mesa Redonda for their unselfish effort in keeping south Florida and the state hurricane-free this season. The ceremony took place on the steps of the Dade County Courthouse where dignitaries agreed a parade was in order following the end of hurricane season in four weeks.

"But," Sir Manny added, "the hurricane season still isn't over yet and we mustn't be too quick to revel. Our job is far from finished. Anyway, we owe it all to Elita Loresca, Goddess of the Storm. If it weren't for her giant--"

"'Elita Loresca'?" a New Times reporter interrupted, "Didn't she skip town for greener pastures?"

"She didn't skip town," Sir Belvedere of Plymouth scolded. "She's on a quest."

"Yeah, a quest for fame and fortune."

"Sir," Sir Manny replied angrily, "I'll have you not defame the Goddess of the Storm!" He drew out his big broadsword. "Stand ready to answer for your blaspheme!"

"Whoe, dude, lighten up. You wouldn't harm an unarmed reporter would you? It's not like I'm Jeff Weinsier or something."

As it turned out, they would. But before they could-- impale the reporter, that is-- Chief Timoney stepped in and, with the intimidating authority invested in himself, escorted the man through the huge crowd to safety. How the reporter was later found dazed and confused in a back alley, his face bloodied beyond recognition, would be an unsolved mystery since the man, besides losing his dignity and a front tooth, also lost his memory.

UpDate (11/2): Noel, far out to sea, is officially a "killer hurricane" with a death toll in its wake of over 116 people.

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