Friday, November 30, 2007

Give a soldier a phone card for the holidays

This post is from a suggestion by my daughter. MVB is open to all activist ideas of this nature. If it fits in with our politics, we'll be glad to get the word out.

"Thanks to Bush Administration cuts to the Veterans Administration (VA) budget in recent years, veterans recuperating at VA hospitals aren't even allowed long-distance time to call home to their families over the holidays."*

AT&T Inc. will give away more than 50,000 prepaid phone cards by the end of the year. The total 2007 donation is valued at more than $450,000. With the help of the USO, the cards will be distributed to military personnel who are stationed overseas.

If you would like to personally make a donation, you can click here. It will take you to a website sponsored by Veterans for Peace and CREDO Action. Your tax-deductible contribution of $10.50 will get two-hour phone cards into the hands of three deserving veterans this December. A contribution of $52.50 will get phone cards into the hands of fifteen veterans.

MVB is against the war and want our troops brought home yesterday. Until the madness finally stops, please consider giving a soldier a gift that can't be beat-- talking to a loved one back home.

*From Veterans for Peace website.

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