Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Miami is like the wild west with a twist-and-a-half

You know you're in Miami when the first three minutes of the 6pm News chronicles:
  • Another armored car robbery (this is the third one in three weeks)
  • A SWAT team was called out to extract a crazed husband from his home
  • An alligator kills and eats a suspect on the run (this is the twist part).
We're sure in Wyatt Earp's eyes, Dodge City would have looked like Mayberry compared to Miami. Oh, yes, one more irony: the guy killed by the gator was running from Miccosukee Police* when he jumped into a lake behind their edge of the Everglades casino (this is the twist-and-a-half part, sometimes called double irony or, as we like to call it, double dutch dark energy at work).

*Earlier posting said it was the Seminoles. Rick, from SotP, thanks for pointing it out to us (see comments) and thanks for reading MVB. You are worthy.


Rick said...

The gator deal was out at the Miccousoukee place out in West-Dade. FYI.

Verticus S. Erectus said...
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Verticus S. Erectus said...

Miccosukeee, Seminole, they're all the same under their Technicolor coats. But thanks for pointing it out to us. We caught it last night while watching the 11pm News but were too tired to correct it. BTW, at one time the Miccosukees were also known as the Seminoles-- until the tribe decided to sign a peace treaty with the Feds. A small splinter group broke off and descended further south and deeper into the Everglades where no one could mess with them. Considered more "traditional" than their brothers the Seminoles, they took pride in never having signed a peace treaty with the U.S. and were the last to give up living in chickees and adapting to the white man's ways. MVB predicts that in the future, Native American tribes will become "brands" built around casino gambling and selling tourists re-creations of Inidan lore and life as it once was. Also, by selling tax free cigarettes on the reservations and using casino gambling to take the white man's money, they will eventually get their revenge on the white man by killing them with cancer or making them destitute or both. And still make a profit doing it. I'm sure Osceola and Billy Bowlegs are laughing their collective asses off somewhere on the Great Hunting Grounds.