Wednesday, November 07, 2007

After the Vote

There is a Blog God after all. For all of those who forum on the Net through personal observations about politics and the arts (like us), it looks like we won't be short of inspiration thanks to yesterday's elections. Of the candidates we championed, it was refreshing to see that the City of Hialeah is as horney as it wants to be with the election of Jose "Pepe" Caragol whose campaigning slogan "If you love oral sex, vote for Jose 'Pepe' Caragol," seems to have worked.

In Miami Beach, there will be a runoff between Simon (no nickname) Cruz and the grandmotherly but dangerous Matti Herrera Bower. Cruz is a gentleman and has been conducting a non-smear campaign which is saying a lot for this community. He has to battle misleading information, some of which comes from the Miami Herald-- which has yet to make a correction. Mr. Cruz is open to BayLink unlike his runoff opponent who is at best a David Dermer obstructionist who basically wants to keep Miami Beach the way it was before it became popular. We hope you will consider going back to the polls in two weeks to ensure Miami Beach will get a better chance at facing the inevitable-- change-- by electing Simon (this guy needs a nickname) Cruz.

Finally, Deede Weithorn is also in another Miami Beach runoff. With an engineering degree from MIT and a practicing CPA, she probably is by far the smartest person ever to run for office in that city. She's also open to revisiting BayLink as the mass transit solution to getting large amounts of people from one side of the bay to the other-- which, for no other reason, is why you should vote her into office. At the forum where the Miami Herald misquoted Cruz, the candidates were asked about BayLink. Ms. Weithorn's opponent (whom we will not mention) didn't respond. Not a good sign. Ms. Weithorn, on the other hand, not only made a compelling reply, she made an effort following the forum to seek us out to talk further. We liked that and were thoroughly impressed with her up-close-and-personal one-on-one. Go ahead and give her your vote.

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