Sunday, October 28, 2007

Simon Cruz for mayor of Miami Beach

In our 10/23 posting, we admitted-- as does the Sun Post-- we couldn't recommend any of the mayoral candidates running for office in Miami Beach. Our reasons were based on the fact that, as hard as we tried, we couldn't see any vision. Until now. In today's Miami Herald Neighbors, it mentions that Cruz is for BayLink as opposed to Mattie Bower, his main opponent. That's enough for us.

Vote for Simon Cruz for mayor of Miami Beach.

UpDate (11/3): Opposition TV ads quote Cruz as saying the following: ''If you can't take their money, drink their liquor, mess with their women and vote against them, you should not be in politics.'' That quote was picked up from a 10/26 Miami Herald article but it shouldn't be attributed to Cruz. I was at that public forum and Cruz prefaced the quote by telling everyone it was by Huey Long although Wikipedia attributes it to Jesse M. Unruh (which we tend to believe because our own research couldn't find Huey Long attached to anything as outrageous as that quote). In any event, Cruz was misquoted in the Miami Herald and now it appears he may end up paying for it. By the way, Cruz used the quote to deflate his opponent Mattie Bower Herrera's grandstanding sneak attack on his accepting money for his campaign from special interests. She wanted him to give the money back. He explained that money has never influenced his votes and used the quote for emphasis. The audience reaction he got that night was applause and laughter-- something that also failed to find its way into the Miami Herald.

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