Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Even going down-- and this is not about Caragol-- the shitter, there's always a gleam of hope for Miami*

A day rarely passes in this city when you don't come away feeling weighed down with the slime of mankind who seem to have taken up residence all around you. In today's Miami Herald we're reminded of a guy who left a five-year-old girl to die in the Everglades-- which she did, getting eaten by an alligator. Or the scum buckets who live among us who prey on the gullible through phone party chat lines, characterized by the paper as the poor man's Internet "where often young people longing for socialization" opt for a chat line.

Too bad for them. According to Assistant State Attorney Stacy Glick, "patching into party lines is like playing Russian roulette with a telephone keypad."

In enough instances to make you sick, some people here are getting raped and murdered when they meet for the first time.

But then when you think all hope is lost for us, the paper runs a story about research scientists at the University of Miami working to discover a cure for prostate cancer. Under the leadership of Dr. Mark Soloway, chairman of urologic oncology at UM, doctors Bal L. Lokeshwar and his wife Vinata Lokeshwar with their assistants Dominic Lyn and Luis Lopez are on to perfecting a simple, drinkable cure based on a rare plant found deep in the Amazon jungle. None of them are bothered by the fact that they will not profit financially. Bal Lokeshwar sums up their approach when the drug is finally perfected years down the road: "We don't celebrate. We're scientists. Our reward is to do the work, not win the prize."

Amazing. Makes you proud to live here.

*Please vote for Caragol!


Mayor Robaina said...

Caragol is a clown that is shaming the Cuban people.

He does nothing but harm to the city of Hialeah.

Vote him out!

Verticus S. Erectus said...

You call Caragol a clown. What about Miami Dade County Commissioner Seijas? At least Caragol doesn't exhibit any repressed Puritan sexual positions like most American politicians do. His "in your face" openness is refreshing.