Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fuck FCAT!

Science teacher Shawn Beightol, now freed from draconian exile by the Miami Dade County Schoolboard, will lobby before them Wednesday on behalf of the Miami Professional Educators' Association, which he co-founded following his release last year from the bus depot. Mr. Beightol will be endorsing board item H-16, which asks the august body to re-consider needless FCAT testing, the scourge of student and teacher alike.

"Over testing and micromanaging are not necessary if you hire and provide for competent, qualified, impassioned teachers," he says. "Take the emphasis off over testing, useless School Improvement Plans, and micromanaging your teachers. Invest in professional educators and liberate them to educate Miami."

Hear! Hear! Now if someone will only listen. Hopefully Mr. Beightol will be surrounded by supportive teachers and students at tomorrow's meeting when he makes his point.


Anonymous said...

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A dime a dozen.

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I am enlightened, master.

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You rock!

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