Monday, October 22, 2007

Select a Presidential Candidate Quiz: It's fast! It's simple! It's the American Way!

As a Public Service, MVB is proud to cop this presidential candidate quiz posted by WQAD-TV out of Moline, IL. We believe it will save all Americans lots of time by helping them cut through the political rhetoric to get to the presidential candidate they really share common ground with. Based on 11 simple questions, it's
the fastest way we know of to cull the herd of presidential hopefuls. You also may discover, as we did, that the one you thought you'd vote for, didn't share as many of your ideas as did another candidate. In fact, the one that came up for us, we were only vaguely familiar with. Maybe it had something to do with that question of whether or not we had any problems with a cross-dressing president. We don't. As long as he keeps it in the White House.

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