Thursday, November 01, 2007

Found on the Miami Craig's List today: Topless Female Cocktail waitress needed

And who doesn't need a "Topless Female Cocktail waitresses"? We're guessing it's for a Thomas Kramer affair, possibly tied-in with Art Basel. The entire ad can be found below:

Topless Female Cocktail waitresses needed
Reply to: Date: 2007-10-31, 1:09PM EDT for private party in miami beach estate In 6 Weeks I will be hosting a professional private celebration party and will need topless cocktail waitresses. No sex or touching will be requested. I will be paying you $250.00 per hour plus tip to serve drinks and offer friendly conversation. You will simply be wearing black lingerie which will be custom fitted for you which you will be allowed to keep. You will have 4 outfit options to choose from. The outfits will be black, sheer panties, garter belt, pantyhose and a black bra or corset that will cup the lower half of the breast exposing the breasts and nipples. Also cat eye masks will be available if you choose to use them. Because this is a visual requirement, you must be in excellent physical shape. Be comfortable with your breasts exposed, comfortable with your body and be able to make others around you comfortable as well. Requirements are: your breasts must have a full firm shape, with nice nipples and a clean shaved body, happy energetic personality is also a must with no negativity. Please reply to this ad with a recent photo, if you have any photo’s with exposed breasts and feel comfortable emailing them this would be preferable however it is not required. I am looking for a specific look, if I do not reply to your email please do not take it personal; you simply did not fit the look I have in mind. If you have the look that I am looking for I will contact you to give you outfit options and to also schedule an interview. This is an ongoing event for a multi millionaire so you will be able to count on doing this at least once a month if you choose to. Again this is a professional event where visual fantasy is only expected.

If it is an Art Basel related event, Lincoln Basel, MVB's art critic, who really could care less if the waitresses are topless or not, would love to attend.

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