Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sasquatch wins: Simon Cruz gets tossed through the windshield of Miami Beach politics

Mattie Herrera Bower is the new mayor of Miami Beach. Lord help us all. Expect resistance to change and the stonewalling of the BayLink project. With her Svengali, ex- obstructionist knee-jerk reactionary mayor David Dermer standing beside her, the status quo should pretty much remain the same for the next four years. Cruz screwed up royally when he brought out the "ethnic card" pitting the Jewish vote against everyone else. The TV spots portraying Bower as a dumbkoff didn't help either. Maybe real ideas instead of the tried-and-true safe topics of clean streets and fighting crime might have helped his campaign. But that would have gone against the prevailing stinking winds of local political campaigns: don't promise anything that might not appeal to everyone.

The only good thing that happened was seeing Deede Weithorn get elected as a city commissioner by a measly 65 votes. Talk about a close election.

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Miami-Forum said...

I'm shocked! I figured Cruz was perfect for MB. Lets hope this older lady can somehow be receptive to new ideas.