Friday, June 01, 2007

Kitchen Confidential, The TV Series: If You Don't Buy This DVD, We'll Kill This Rabbit

After watching the complete TV series which has just been released on DVD, we have to ask ourselves, what was Fox TV thinking when they axed Kitchen Confidential after just four shows? Based on Anthony Bourdain's titular best seller, in Fox's hands, like the poor rabbit in this picture, the show never had a chance. Three shows aired before getting yanked to make room for the 2005 baseball playoffs. By the time the 4th and last show was broadcast in November, its numbers weren't there and the suits cancelled the rest of the series. Now, for all the fans of the show and Anthony Bourdain, you can watch all 13 episodes-- that's nine more than were ever shown-- including "Rabbit Test" above where Bourdain's randy character, played with infectious relish by Bradley Cooper, is lying on the phone to his latest conquest, a militant vegan, as he prepares that night's special. The final episode literally dropped a Mormon from the sky on one of the main characters. Sinfully delicious.

As you may already know from an earlier post, MVB is a huge fan of Bourdain. His current Travel Channel show "No Reservations" (10:00 PM Monday) is a hoot. We unequivocally, "without reservation," recommend all three-- the book, his current TV series, and the newly released DVD set to everybody.

Regarding this post's art, "Rabbit Test" inspired a memory theft from 1973's famous National Lampoon cover.


Johnny Cuban said...

Well, at least that show had one fan.

Verticus S. Erectus said...

What, Johnny, you didn't like the show? Hell, you're a chef, man, how can you not like it? Could it be that you're just a smidge...jealous?