Friday, June 29, 2007

More Visions from Sir Manny Mojito: the iPhone

Sir Manny Mojito, King of Little H, is seeing visions again. A few weeks ago, it was Elita Loresca's floating talking tatas. Today, it's the iPhone. He saw it in jail with the Knights of the Mesa Redonda. Paris, of course, is long gone and expected to make millions on her little stint in the hoosegow, but King Manny and the boys aren't as fortunate as her. Lacking looks and money not to mention their aversion to bathing has not helped their cause. Still, the good but silly king wants an iPhone.

We can't blame him. Although we're not into gadgets, this little device has caught our collective eyes. It's like the future has arrived. Well, at least not until 6pm today, the official time of the iPhone's release. Word has it people from all over the world are flying to the east coast to be the first to get one. Too much. In any event, the $500-$600 price tag plus the AT&T monthly fee estimated to be around $100 is hard to justify. During a live interview on CNN today, someone actually tried to steal one from the Newsweek tech writer who was being interviewed outside the Apple store in Manhattan. The on-camera scuffle was pretty cool. Just like the iPhone.

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