Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Signs that the Apocalypse has been put on hold: Twinkies is releasing its original banana flavor!


UpDate (6/15/07): Verticvs must confessicvs, I've never tasted a Twinkie. This bothered me a lot since this posting. It was disingenuous to allude that I had so I made it a goal to try one ASAP. The SoBe Publix on West Ave doesn't carry them. Probably too unhealthy for the customers that shop there, you know the kind, all health conscious and trim. I finally found them at 7-11. I rushed home, set them down on my kitchen table and tried to ignore them until lunch but they kept calling my name. After a couple of hours of ignoring their siren call, I ripped open the package. Soft and spongy just as the advertising said. I took that as a good sign with more good things to come. I took a bite. I must have gotten one of the left over ones that hadn't been converted to the new/old banana flavor. I was disappointed. It was okay, but I was looking for the banana flavor. I feel guilty as I type and probably will feel guilty the rest of the day for eating such an unhealthy product. Still, when the Apocalypse is in sight, this is the perfect snack food for such an occasion. Hopefully when it comes I will eat it with lots of in your face attitude.

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