Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Elita Loresca Quest Part 6

As you can see from the screenshot above, things did not go well for Sir Manny Mojito, King of Little H. Upon waking from his dream which he took as a bad omen, that the Goddess of the Storm was not happy with his performance, he successfully beseeched his Knights of the Mesa Redonda to follow him one more time to Castle Fox, Temple of the Storm Goddess. This time they approached the aging edifice from the rear via the moat under the cover of darkness. Slipping through an unguarded door used by staff to go outside to smoke, the King of Little H was able to confront the Storm Goddess while on the air. Unfortunately, management had put her under a police watch to protect her from people like King Manny and the Knights of the Mesa Redonda. Before the good but wacky king could utter two words police sprung from the shadows off camera and tackled him to the ground. Ms. Loresca was unhurt in the scuffle that followed, the Swarovski Crystal bra was returned to Moishe and his wife, and King Manny and the Knights of the Mesa Redonda, thanks to the world's insatiable need to be entertained, extended their 15-minutes of fame* by a good five minutes as they were led off to jail.

(To Be Continued)
*Since the debut of YouTube and the ability of the net to save something forever, perhaps Andy Warhol's famous assertion about our allotted time in the limelight should be updated and extended.

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