Monday, June 11, 2007

Arts and Cultural Meeting Tomorow at UVA69

June 12th, 6PM -- Arts & Cultural Committee Meeting UVA69 - inside dining room.
Contact Kris Wessel, email:

JUNE 19th 8:30AM
Ellen Uguccioni, Historic Preservation Consultant, City of Miami, crafted the Chapter 23 Ordinance (Historic Incentive Package) which went before the Historic Environmental Preservation (HEP) Board this passed week. She wrote it, so she understands the ins and outs. This will be our first opportunity since the HEP Board passed the ordinance to ask questions, obtain clarification and get answers we can understand. If you cannot make the meeting, please send your questions to If you are planning to attend, you may also send your questions in ahead of time so we can avoid duplication during the meeting. Please try to be on time (UVA69 in the inside dining room) and please bring any additional questions in writing.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't the Historic and Envirnomental Board vote 8 to 0 to approve a 35' height limit in the MiMo District?