Sunday, June 24, 2007

MiMo Dinner This Tuesday

Besides meeting influential stakeholders in the community, did you know that you can actually learn something useful over a MiMo dinner/breakfast? It's true. Last week's guest speaker Ellen Ugucconi, Historic Preservation Consultant, City of Miami, advised that Miami 21, Chapter 23 and related Ordinances will be going before the Miami City Commission for the first reading June 28th. Chapter 23 will repeal the current historic overlay district, repeal parking requirements and the 20% green space requirement. It will allow for shared parking and adaptive reuse which most cities have in place.

Ms. Ugucconi explained that TDRs are an incentive to keep historic buildings (including apartment buildings) in tact. TDRs are calculated by the square footage of the existing building and the difference between what could be built. An example where TDRs can be used is T6-8. A developer can build to the 6 stories by right and he can increase the height by 2 stories by purchasing TDRs, paying for affordable housing and green space credits or qualifying as a green building.

When an owner sells the TDR rights, he in turn completes an Existing Condition Report, a Long Term Maintenance Report and a 40-year recertification is required. Total TDRs can be sold ONE time only. There after, when the building is sold a covenant will pass along with the property requiring the building be maintained.
The MiMo Biscayne Boulevard District is the only district where TDRs will be offered for non-contributing buildings.

Now that's interesting.

The next MiMo Dinner is this Tuesday at 6PM at Uva69, 6900 Biscayne Boulevard (inside dining room). As always, everyone is responsible for their own check. The speakers will be Maria Mascarenas, NET Administrator and OFC Darrell Nichols and Carmen Caldwell, Miami-Dade Crime Watch Director speaking on the topic “How Crime Watch Can Work in the Business Community in concert with surrounding Residential Neighborhoods.”

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