Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Godfadah, they're closing in."

UpDate (6/28): The Miami Herald reports today that the Miami city manager is forcing the Godfadah (aka Miami Housing Director) to take an early retirement. Unfortunately, she may walk away with a pension worth $1 million.

UpDate (7/3): Miami City Manager Pete Hernandez suspends embattled housing director Barbara Gomez without pay today, but she's not out of a job: She can take a demotion ($24,000 less a year) that would still qualify her for that million dollar pension if she sticks around one more year.

UpDate (7/13): Gomez is fired and loses million dollar pension. Also fired, Mary Conway, Chief of Operations, for allowing a group of employees known as "The Firm" to operate a private business out of that department.

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