Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who's Yer Dada: Art Meets Comedy June 9th Miami

The Dadaists have always intrigued us. As a reaction to the horrors of World War I, it was an "anti-art" movement, a precursor of the rise of modern man, the incubator of the original "button pushers."

Miamian Austin Horton is reaching back to the Dadaists for what he describes as a "post apocalyptic absurdists costumed art party." Call it what you want, it sounds like a whole lot of fun to us. Following is his press release:

"Who's Yer Dada: Art Meets Comedy Presents: DD III 'Meet Your Maker'."

DATE: Sat. June 9th 7:30pm-12:30am
WHERE: Miami’s Design District, 139 NE 39th St.

Were you just thinking to yourself, damn, You know what Miami needs, a really cool event with art, costumes, comedy, music, a parade of costumed freaks, performance art and drinks? Well luckily Austin Horton was in your head and has just the prescription you need, how terribly ironic.The third edition of the Who’s yer Dada: art meets comedy. DD III, “meet your maker” is focused on the theme of the end of the world, human mortality and people who genuinely just want to meet their own fathers. It will kick off with a Dadaist art parade through the design district, winding back up at the site. Artists in DDIII are the most diverse group of Dada participants yet. They include Robert Chambers, Tao Rey, Bahkti Baxter, Lam Vuong, Austin Horton, Gustavo Oviedo, Oliver Sanchez, Ricky Jimenez, Skreeto, and more T.B.A. We will also have an extensive art object store with unique affordable items from the artists as well. The music for the evening will begin at 7:30 with sets from Jesse Jackson, King Bee, Pots and Pans. Arranged to be a progression from organic to electronic, the music will build throughout the course of the evening and explode with a very special set from Animals of the Arctic. Guests are encouraged to come early to get the full effect. Between musical sets, live comedy from Austin Horton promises to be as diverse as the event itself. Other guest comics TBA. Not that we have to rely on gimmicks but if that’s not enough to bring you out, perhaps the bevy of fire breathing circus freaks will (not kidding about that one). People wishing to take part in the pre-show design district art parade are urged to be at the space ready to go by 6:45pm. Other guests are encouraged to attend in their own interpretations of neo-dada, post apocalyptic carnival costume but it is not mandatory. Event contact: Austin Horton 646 257 0823

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