Thursday, May 24, 2007

Are Miami-Dade Transit Busses...Possessed?

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MVB has noticed an alarming increase in runaway busses over the past three months. The first one on February 10th inspired the Lost: Miami post. That bus took out an apartment building because its brakes had failed.* A week later, another bus plowed into a van on Krome Ave. Two days ago, one ran into a church.

Coincidence? We think not. Miami has long been noted as a hotbed for voodoo and Santeria activity. Spells are cast willy-nilly every day around here and we suspect one was cast at Miami-Dade Transit. Maybe a bus arrived late once too often and finally sent someone over the edge. Maybe deposed transit director Roosevelt Bradley wants his job back so badly he's gone voodoo on us. Who knows? But if you value your life, heed our warning: if you see one coming just start running.

*Play the news video. It proves, to paraphrase Dave Barry, we're not making this up. Also, you'll get to meet a neat little kid with a great vocabulary describing the accident. For fans of Lost, you'll also catch some weird parallels with the series like the pregnant woman on the bus and the old couple. Was the man possibly a And just who was that stranger the bus driver picked up minutes before it crashed? Now insert your own impression of Dr. Evil's maniacal laugh.

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