Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cool Things Made In Miami: DrinksTV.Com

You can toss those bar books and hand held computers that tell you how to mix a drink now that has arrived. Although Miramar isn't necessarily in Miami, it's close enough to call it one of ours. Now anyone on the planet can watch a gorgeous local barmaid (and a few not so pretty barmen) mix a drink with the recipe planted in a window next to the "TV" screen. The hardest part will be following the instructions given by the barmaids, especially when they are as babalicious as Carolina from Bricks Nightclub in downtown Miami. Talk about great PR for this community! It's already in over 300 liquor stores in 16 states where it plays continuously dispensing mixing advice and reminding everyone who sees it how lucky we are to be living here with such a stunning array of barmaids. It moved to the web when CEO John Kyle discovered that America Online had 1 million lookups for cocktail recipes a week. According to the Miami Herald, he hopes it will "do for bartenders what the Food Network did for chefs." From what we can see, with its liquor sponsors and advertising dollars rolling in from big spenders like the U.S. Army, it surely will.

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Steve ("Klotz" As In "Blood") said...

Whoa, Carolina! Got milk?

Anonymous said...

"1 million lookups a week for cocktail recipes" on AOL? Man, there's some major drinking going on in the U.S.