Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Architecture God Has Spoken: Terra Beachside Villas Makes It Okay To Play In The Middle Of The Street!

Let It Be Known: A.G. The Architecture God Favors Architects Who Break The Rules!

Your mother told you not to play in the street. I'm telling you it's okay-- if you look like this: Terra Beachside Villas. Designed by Miami's bad boys of architecture Sieger Suarez, Terra Beach Villas can be found at 6000 Collins Ave, smack dab in the middle of the street just east of Indian Creek and west of the Atlantic Ocean on Miami Beach.

What I like about Terra Beachside Villas:
  • The 3-story cone. It's the fitness center. A swimming pool curves through the building.
  • The 400' translucent arched roof atrium that protects a "Zen-inspired" garden with reflecting fountains.
  • Themes. The 2 and 3-story units, starting at $610,000, are divided into the four elements of Earth (private yards), Wind (roof terraces), Fire and Water (balconies with views facing east and west).
  • The parking garage is hidden (it's subterranean).
  • Access to the beach through its sister properties Cabana, located across the street on the ocean side, and a private marina on the other side of the street at 6000 Indian Creek.
Rejoice, my children! Be thankful that you are living in a part of the world that will soon become known for more than its climate.

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Javier said...

I find it interesting that the developer chose to build on that property. It will be quite loud to live there, considering it bisects A1A and isn't exactly tall and far from the traffic. I also find the access to the ocean from sister properties claim to be suspect. This has been said by developers before, but once they rescind control to the unit owners, the unit-owner composed board does not have to allow access to outsiders and probably won't. Other than that, the project is forward thinking, the ceiling heights ample, and the concept fresh. Good article.

Anonymous said...

Should have been taller, maybe a few towers protruding from the existing rendering (which could serve as a pedestal). Still looks very neat.

ManolaBBB said...

I agree it will be EXTREMELY loud. You won't be able to open windows and enjoy the sea breezes. But at least it's not a high-rise. I like the concept of the building but that is a terrible location. Major traffic headache, even after they fix the bridge. Also, no good views. Maison Grande is across the street and will block any sun.

Collins Ave needs more buildings like Miami Beach needs more half-naked women. It's way too saturated. Sigh.
You know, I have a doormat someone could pay me a billion dollars to build a high-rise on.

Dayngr said...

Some days I feel like I am living under a rock. I didn't know about this until I stopped by here. Thank for the information. It sounds interesting and looks interesting. I guess will have to wait and see what becomes of the idea and the real estate.

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