Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Architecture God Has Spoken: Gehry's Design for Miami Beach's New World Symphony Sucks Big Time!

Within moments of publishing our take on Frank Gehry's design for Miami Beach's New World Symphony, MVB received a very loud knock at the door interrupting our mojito break. Bobby Enzyte, tripping over his pants, stumbled to the door and opened it wide. Bobby was knocked backwards as a giant hand poked through very much like King Kong's hand did in Fay Wray's bedroom in the original and still best titular film and slapped a giant Post-It Note aside of publisher Verticus S. Erectus' head. Stunned, the MVB staff stared in awe and trembled in unison as a deep reverberating voice sounding a lot like James Earl Jones' announced that we were in the presence of A.G the ARCHITECTURE GOD and he was not happy. It seems he had high hopes for Gehry and, like us, was just as disappointed. Let us rephrase that: He was COSMICALLY disappointed and wanted us to blog cyberspace ASAP or else suffer His wrath. Father Al immediately fell to his knees and started genuflecting and crying. A.G told him to stop his sniveling and get up and post the blog which, of course, we are happy to do.

UpDate (1-hour later): A.G is cool. We introduced him to the mojito and we are like, best buds. In fact, he has agreed to write for MVB!

UpDate (3-years later): Even gods can be...fallible. In retrospect as the Gehry building is about to open, I can see where I was...a little hasty in my pronouncement. It's not destination architecture, but it does have some merit. The more I learn about its functionality-- something Michael Tilson Thomas insisted upon-- I can see where and why Mr. Gehry lost his love of curves and free-flowing lines in favor of the boring boxiness of utilitarianism. I, in fact, look forward to its opening in January 2011 and hope to be sitting on the lawn outside listening to the music inside and watching huge video images cast on the outside projection wall. With a mojito in hand, of course.

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