Sunday, January 14, 2007

Monocle Man On: Barak Obama

WARNING: First off, anyone wearing a monocle today should be viewed with suspicion. This gentleman, who wishes to remain anonymous as is a bloggers wont, is not the kind of guy you'd invite to a party. If his 1,000 yard stare doesn't quickly put your shindig into an irreversible slide toward downersville, his jaded, dyspeptic personality soon will. So, dear reader, read his words with caution and a mojito, MVB's drink of choice, in hand.
  • Just finished watching Senator Barak Obama on "Face the Nation." Very disappointing. He's being touted as a bright light in the Democratic Party, someone many are hoping will run for president. From watching him defend his stepped Iraqi withdrawal proposal which is much like the one recommended in the recent "official" bi-partisan proposal-- which he reminded us more than once came months after his own-- he's at best a "flickering light." At worst, he's nothing more than another politician. When pressed more than once by Bob Schieffer to answer whether or not he would vote to cut off funding for the war, he wavered-- like the "flickering light bulb" he is. How refreshing it would have been to have seen him say exactly what he would do instead of dancing around the question like so many politicians are wont to do.
  • Now don't get me wrong, I was hoping he was the guy who would lead us out of Iraq, the next Kennedy of a different color-- but that doesn't mean I'm a liberal. Senator John McCain was on to. At one point I hoped he would run for president. Not anymore. As much as I admire him, I'm against supporting his notion that Iraq needs more troops. So where do my politics lie? In a dark and scary place few will fear to go especially at 8:30am on a Sunday morning. In fact, it even scares me that I worship at the Church of the Politically Incorrect early service.
  • Elita Loresca.

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