Tuesday, January 09, 2007

C. "Boss" Poop Denies New York Stink

"Sure, I may have been visiting family in New Jersey when the shit hit the fan, but that doesn't mean it was mine," C. "Boss" Poop, a Miami insider, said at a hastily organized news conference in New Jersey across from Manhattan. "In fact, I take umbrage at the fact that someone would even think it was my stink! Am I not without feelings? Am I not begotten of man? Don't I bleed like the rest of you? Okay, maybe 'bleed' isn't quite the right word. Don't I ooze like the rest of you?"

With that "visual" floating through the media heads, Poop cut one, summarily ending the news conference in a paroxysm of public group projectile vomiting not seen since audiences hurled in unison during the 2004 release of Steven Segal's Polish made flick, "Out of Reach," aka "Poza zasiegiem" which, loosely translated means "What A Stinker!"

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