Friday, February 02, 2007

One Stop Miami Dade County Affordable Housing Locator

Dade County has added a new website to help those wanting to buy or rent an affordable home. It conveniently provides a one stop source for affordable:
  • Properties for sale
  • Properties for rent
  • Section 8 openings
  • A portal to add your own home or apartment
  • Information and opportunities for affordable housing builders
  • Available bridges to live under.*

We highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable place to live in Dade County.

*Not true, although it does seem like a practical addition to services provided.

UpDate (4/13/07): According to news reports, housing under the Julia Tuttle Causeway bridge (36th Street) is taken by sex offenders who have been ordered by their state case workers to live there because they can't find anyplace else to live due to laws that restrict their occupation of addresses near schools, etc.

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