Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not a Good Sign: Miami Herald Executive Editor makes a front page apology today

Tom Fiedler, Executive Editor for the Miami Herald, should know better. He's been here a long time. You just can't go around Miami calling your distractors "little Chihuahauas nipping at our heels". Especially if they are Cuban Chihuahauas.* We hate to say it, but Mr. Fiedler might be the next Herald executive on the politically incorrect hit list to take a fall in Miami. On Monday, Publisher Jesus Diaz resigned because, in part, he stirred up local Cubans when he fired a handful of Hispanic journalists who were getting paid by the Feds to write and speak for Radio Marti, a clear violation of something. Fiedler may be joining him where ever men and women like them go when they get on the wrong side of Miami-style political correctness. Why? In today's Herald, they're already printing letters calling for him to "resign or be shown the exit to your newspaper." We hope that he will at least wait until they stop marching up and down Calle Ocho in protest because that amuses us to no end.

*Yes, MVB at least knows Chihuahauas aren't from Cuba but it sounds funny to say it and read it so there to all of the hypersensitive readers of this posting.

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