Tuesday, October 24, 2006

SoBe Undies Finder

We have to admit, we hadn't given women's underwear much thought lately until we read "Sex and the Beach", one of our favorite blogs. But leave it to Manola Blablablanik to set us straight about the ever-shrinking garment. In her October 18th posting, "Cultural Debriefing," Ms. B, the blogosphere's most talented and sensuous Renaissance Woman, takes us on a hilarious, whirlwind romp through ladies underwear from 1930 to the present from the unique perspective of a Cuban-Jewish woman.

Seeing how the latest styles in ladies panties might get lost if thrown on the carpet, we were inspired to come up with a solution in finding them. Now, with the tested and approved "SoBe Undies Finder," a woman never has to wonder if what she is wearing is really her underwear or just lint.

1 comment:

Manola Blablablanik said...

Oh my lord, I am so flattered!

But most importantly, what a brilliant idea! It'll be the next hot souvenir!