Saturday, October 28, 2006

Deeper Meaning in Roach Droppings

MVB has received numerous comments regarding our masthead. Since the recent addition of the palmetto bug and the eye, questions have gone up with most of them asking, "WTF?"

So, instead of taking time out to answer each individual question, we have decided to explain its deeper meaning in this posting.

MVB is a digital gadfly regarding all things Miami and the Beaches. To emphasize our south Florida roots and our not so pretty approach to just about everything, we have chosen to make the Florida palmetto bug, one of the most vile and disgusting creatures known to man, MVB's symbolic gadfly, or "gadroach," if you will. Although it may be viewed as an object of scorn, it is also begrudgingly admired and feared for its agility and speed in ducking a death blow and then rocketing up your leg to hide in your undies; its ability to fly at the most unexpected moment only to land in your hair causing you to swat yourself silly with the newspaper you had rolled up for it; and its will to survive because no matter how much insecticide you spray on it, it's hard not to admire the little six-legged horror as it flips onto its back and does its death dance, giving you the finger with all six legs while struggling to hold on as best it can to the thing God programmed it to do in this thing called life.

We want to run through the political BS as only a palmetto bug can, fleet of feet, to land in the hair of the Poopy Head hat wearing clowns and make them swat themselves aside the head with a rolled-up Miami Herald or, if they don't read the rag as many are canceling their subscriptions nowadays, to grab some electronic device reflecting an MVB posting and use that instead.

Like all good gadroaches, we have an agenda and particular point-of-view. Its visionary focus is on architecture and the arts and the search for common sense solutions in the public arena that will make living here better for everyone. And, like all good gadroaches, we will eat through anything in that public arena to get to the truth and the self-serving greedy bastards pretending to be public servants.

Look! There's one now trying to hide behind our masthead! Good luck, dude! You can run but you cannot hide! And straighten that Poopy Head hat for crise sakes!


Gus said...

I understand the Masthead, and like the Slogan:

"The Rodney Dangerfield of Blogs"

I'm curious to learn when we get to meet the Crew:

Vertiaus Erectus - Publisher
MVB Standup - Comic
MVB.S - Director
Father Al Kadah - Andry Priest
Bob Enzyte - Award Giver
Bobby Bermidez - Archaeologist
Sir Manny Mojito - King of Little H

Verticus said...

The "crew" has already made appearances on the blog, some more than once like the MVB Standup Comic, Sir Manny Mojito, and Bobby Bermudez. Father Al Kadah has appeared only once when the Pope got slammed by the Muslims. Verticus Erectus, of course, is behind most of this stuff when he's not being seen to for his creature comforts by his harem of slave girls. Our most recent "contributor," C. "Boss" Poop will probably be making more appearances based on the kind of public servants we have. We were hoping to get more from Eddie "Hilarious" Hillary, but he had a tragic accident when attempting cloud climbing. Just check previous months. Thanks for reading our blog. Not including the "crew," I think that brings us up to about ten readers.

Gus said...

There's strength in numbers.