Saturday, September 08, 2007

MVB Man flies high over the Florida chain gang

Man on Captial at Brickell Bldg (MoCaB): Look! It's MVB Man!
Woman on Capital at Brickell Bldg(WoCaB): MVB Man?
MoCaB: Miami Vision Blogarama Man! He's got vision!
WoCaB: X-ray vision?
MoCaB: No, vision-vision! He sees things the way he wants them to be and they become just that!
WoCaB: Really?
MoCaB: Really. A while back, he wanted Florida to bring back the chain gang.
WoCaB: The chain gang?
MoCaB: The chain gang. Now the Miami Herald reports Florida's Dept. of Corrections Secretary James McDonough wants to do the same thing!
WoCaB: And you think he had something to do with that?
MoCaB: MVB Man's got a blog and he knows how to use it.
WoCaB: A blog? But what's that got to--
MoCaB: He uses it to affect change.
WoCaB: How's he do that?
MoCaB: He's got a secret weapon.
WoCaB: A "secret weapon"?
MoCaB: Email. He sends anyone who counts emails linked to his latest posting and urges his two readers to do the same.
WoCaB: Are you one of his two readers?
MoCaB: Damn right. And proud of it.
WoCaB: Oh, you are so worthy.
MoCaB (fending off her amorous moves and pushing her toward the condo door): Not here on the balcony. Let's go inside.
WoCaB: What difference does it make? You live in a freaking glass condo!
MoCaB: But the balcony doesn't have air-conditioning.
WoCaB: Ha! You're worried about MVB Man seeing you, aren't you?
MoCaB: Trust me, MVB Man has better things to do than watching me make love to you.
WoCaB: Oh yeah, then why does he keep circling your condo?
MoCaB: What?
WoCaB: Ha! Made you look!
MoCaB: Oh, you little minx! (Slaps her tight little SoBe toucas) Wait till I get you behind these floor-to-ceiling glass walls!

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