Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MVB's Inflatable Miami Finger Monument

In the course of human events when it becomes apparent that no matter what you do the world continues its downward slide into the shitter, we dedicate this monument to those who could have made a difference but didn't. Although inspired by the cowardly lunatics and myopic nincompoops sitting on the Miami, Miami Beach, and Miami-Dade County commissions, this monument owes its singular inflated importance to the one and only, the Grinch who stole Hope: Miami-Dade commissioner Natacha Seijas. At first her suggestion that the proposed Bay of Pigs Garage & Museum land grab behind the American Airlines Arena would become a world renown landmark rivaling the Sydney Opera House made us want to end it all in a flurry of mass suicide. Instead, we decided to create this monument. Made of green vinyl, the inflatable edifice to those who gravely disappoint and make us want to puke, is available for rental for those equally frustrated by the incompetence and impropriety of their elected representatives.

Please note: This monument is also dedicated to the private sector, all nimby's and in particular those who had no problem with turning the Noguchi designed Pepper Fountain in Bayfront Park into the base for a balloon ride.

UpDate (5/24): Sometimes you have to look for signs that there is justice in the world. Usually it's on the back page or buried in a newspaper. In this instance, it was the last item in a column in Miami Today. Bayfront Park Management Trust (two misnomers if there ever were) has requested legal help to hire an outside attorney from the Miami City Commission to get their money back. SkyLift Holdings defaulted on about $103,000 in payments due to the "Trust" before filing for Chapter 11 reorganization. For the record, the bureaucratic bozo behind this cockamamied scheme: Trust Executive Director, Timothy F. Schmand.

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