Thursday, September 06, 2007

Driven to Fantasies of Civil Disobedience by the Bay of Pigs Museum

You awake with a start knowing the Miami-Dade County Commission of Clowns has done it again. Two days ago this Senate of Stooges voted unanimously to explore the feasibility of building a Bay of Pigs museum on one of the last parcels of bayfront land, land promised to voters that would remain park land in perpetuity. "Perpetuity" is Miami's version of a "New York minute": it's a lot shorter than you think.

So you awake in a cold sweat knowing your impotency and not like being reminded of it. In your fevered mind, you wish someone would firebomb the collection of yellowing photographs, a frayed rope and an old shoe in a building in Little Havana that basically makes up what is now a museum to that lost cause 40-years ago, making the whole question about museum building moot.

But you know you can't. There are laws against inciting that kind of civil disobedience. So you get up and go to your computer and post another missive on your blog thinking you're a modern version of Howard Beale, the insane protagonist of Robert Altman's "Network." Instead of urging your readers to throw up their windows and yell that they are "mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore!" you sit down and type out a call for them to email their commissioners an earful of anger, frustration, and threats to vote them out of office if they betray your trust one more time. In that regard, please feel free to copy and paste the following email addresses into your favorite email program to let them know how you feel:

Mayor Carlos Alverez, Chairman Bruno Barreiro, Barbara Jordan, Dorrin Rolle, Audrey Edmonson, Sally Heyman, Rebeca Sosa,
Carlos Gimenez, Katy Sorenson, Dennis Moss, Javier Souto, Joe Martinez, Jose "Pepe" Diaz

Natacha Seijas is the only commissioner who doesn't have a simple email interface. You will have to go to this page to open an email form:

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