Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What's worse than a hole-in-the-head? A Bay of Pigs Museum in Miami

The last thing Miami needs is a Bay of Pigs museum. County commissioners voted unanimously yesterday to study a proposal to build one on bayfront land that was promised to be held in perpetuity as an open space park to voters. Now there is talk about building not only a museum to a lost cause and one of America's most embarrassing moments but also a multi-story parking garage which the museum would sit on. This monstrosity to bad taste and broken promises would be built behind the American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat. MVB understands how this could happen what with the political pressure exerted by the exile community, but it still disappoints us to no end when we see not one elected official question the merits of such an asinine plan. Someone representing the "other public" should have said "No way, Jose! Build it in Cuba at the original site when you get around to freeing your homeland. Leave what's left of our public bayfront land to us."


Habla Mierda said...

The city also accepted bond money that citizens voted to be used towards Orange Bowl renovations. They somehow lost half the money and the tenant that made the Orange Bowl worthwhile.

There's something very wrong in this city

Anonymous said...

been here yet?

Verticus S. Erectus said...

Regarding the first comment, you're right, something is wrong with the city which might explain why any government is merely a reflection of the people that elects it.

As for the second comment, no, we haven't been there yet until you emailed us. We checked it out and highly recommend it to our two readers.

Miami-Forum said...

The decision making by city officials of late has been horrendous! When I first learned of the proposed museum, I thought they were just going to move the Historical Museum. But why in the world would we want two museums showcasing South Florida's history downtown? What a mess.

And Next we can sit and watch how they **** up the Marlins Stadium deal.