Monday, September 03, 2007

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture?

  • Miami Today writes about the Miami Parking Authority's proposal to tear down and build a new garage in downtown Miami. The "Authority's" plan is to tear down the Courthouse Center Garage and build a bigger one in its place. What we don't understand is why don't they include affordable housing above it? Yes, the plan shows some forward thinking regarding ground level retail, but why not ten or twenty floors of affordable housing above it in a joint venture between private and public enterprise? More than another parking garage, downtown needs affordable housing.
  • The Miami Herald writes today about the Downtown Development Authority getting criticism from all sides regarding its role and how it spends its money. Many, like MVB, think it should spend more time in the trenches downtown instead of in its lofty 29th floor where its annual rent is $250,000. May we suggest they take up Mayor Diaz's suggestion of becoming more grounded, i.e., moving into a storefront location where the sidewalks are cracked and the pedestrians are on crack. That 29th floor panoramic view the DDA claims it needs to sell downtown can easily be bettered when necessary by taking the express elevator up to the 55th floor of the Miami City Club where they already are a member. BTW, one of MVB's heroes, the elusive and modest City of Miami Auditor General Victor Igwe suggested the DDA get real nearly five years ago when he told the City Commission the agency could save up to $91,000 a year if they moved to cheaper digs.
  • What's with India? They're planning on selling a $2,500 car there early next year. It's called a Tata and it's being labeled as the "world's cheapest car." Making it possible for India's emerging middle-class to own a car seems like madness to us. By 2025 more than 500 million people will be able to afford a Tata. What's wrong with improving mass transit? The gasoline burning car may well be the death of us all. We keep hearing the death knell as a Marx's Brothers exit line with Groucho tapping his cigar in his trademark crouching lope while leading his brothers and us over a cliff: "Ta-ta! The trailing screams are punctuated with Harpo's honking horn; so, so apropos for the automobile.
  • Finally, to sum up this posting, for lack of oxygen the patient died, for lack of vision the world died. Erectus 9:3
*The first correct answer gets a "winner's dinner" with Verticvs S. Erectvs (or a reasonable facsimile) sometime in the distant future at a restaurant TBD. The answer must include the artist's name (so easy) and the painting's name. Any reference to the actual topic counts for something too. We just haven't figured out what that will be yet.

UpDate 2/16/08: Dana Nottingham, the DDA's director, finally gets the heave ho with a $180,000 severance deal.


Anonymous said...

It's a Mondrian and it's upside down. He called it "Composition A." Ta-ta! What's for dinner?

Verticus S. Erectus said...

Correct answer! Hope you like London-style curry because you have just won a dinner with Verticvs S. Erectvs, publisher of MVB! It will be on a Wednesday night at Churchill's Pub in Little Haiti sometime in the near future. Extra points will be awarded for the clever way you worked in something from the blog post! You are so worthy! Senator Erectvs looks forward to meeting you!