Thursday, July 05, 2007

Swat a Litterbug

The City of Miami Gardens is fed up with littering and has initiated a new campaign to bring it to an end. The Swat a Litterbug Hotline (305-622-8034) has been set up to foil those miscreants by shaming them into compliance. All you gotta do is give the city the date, time, license plate number, location and a brief description of what you saw. To date, according to the Sun Post, 276 litterbugs have been swatted with a letter signed by the mayor and city manager. The "warning" comes with a free litterbag. Whether or not a nasty letter from the mayor is enough to make someone think twice before dumping that old refrigerator in the the middle of Miami Gardens Drive remains to be seen but MVB thinks some incentive might be in order, say free garbage bags (sponsored by Glad and tied-in with the city's billboard promotion) with every narc's report.

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