Saturday, July 14, 2007

The MVB "Worthy Award" goes to fellow Miami blogger Dayngrous for her eMOM campaign

The MVB Worthy Award was inspired by "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," a 1963 movie starring Phil Silvers, Spencer Tracy, and Jonathan Winters among others. The parallels between the film and life in Miami-Dade County were eerily similar starting with the title of the picture which resonated with local relevance. In the movie, the characters will stop at nothing to get rich, just like many of our public "servants." When Jonathan Winters yells, "It's the Big 'W,' I tell ya, the Big 'W'!", they are led to believe that four palm trees resembling a "Big W" mark the spot where a recently deceased old guy's (Jimmy Durante) riches are buried. MVB liked the idea of taking a negative symbol that served as a beacon for cutthroat opportunists and transforming it into a positive one used in an award that recognizes: a) the efforts of those men and women fighting corruption and unbridled spending in a public sector palm covered world gone mad by greed and bone-headed stupidity and b), those in the private sector making the world a better place for all.

Fellow Miami blogger Dayngrous is so worthy in receiving our 5th-ever award. MVB is bestowing this prestigious prize upon her for her single-handed and unsung effort at buoying the morale of our service members. Participating doesn't mean you're for the war-- MVB wants the troops home yesterday. It does mean you want to tell these young men and women you are thinking about them and wish them well.

"eMail Our Military" (eMOM) is run from her home, an amazing feat in itself considering she has a toddler and a pre-schooler running around her feet while trying to run a household. However, it's not until you sign up as we did that you get the true scope of her accomplishment: working with the U.S. government isn't easy. It requires immense patience and savvy PR skills. As the "middle man," eMOM acts as the conduit for the public to reach service men and women stationed around the world. Once you get past jumping through the hoops the military sets up to protect its troops, it's pretty much clear sailing. We got our first "pen pal" name today. Although the act of writing an email to our troops is supposed to boost their spirits, I guarantee it will boost yours too. Even while composing the message, we started feeling better about ourselves. We knew through this simple act we were doing something good because our spirits were lifted.

If you haven't already done so, MVB urges all south Florida bloggers to get behind Dayngrous' worthy eMOM campaign. You'll be glad you did.


Dayngr said...

How wonderful to be spotlighted here and what an honor to receive this award. Thanks for thinking of us, spreading the word about this worthy cause and most importantly for getting involved.

Linda said...

What a lovely award and acknowledgment for a lovely lady. She should be proud that her efforts are not only be noticed locally but are reaching others in far-away locations.

Excellent choice!