Tuesday, July 03, 2007

MVB PSA: How to get a Stack-- Miami Dade County's $1,000 Gun Bounty Program

Got Guns? Know someone that's got guns?
Now you can turn them in through Miami-Dade County's new "How to get a Stack" gun bounty program. Using street parlance for a "stack" of bills adding up to a thousand dollars, the police have made it easy to turn in those gun wielding idiots in your neighborhood. Just call 305-471-TIPS (8477) to report a person illegally possessing a gun. The tipster must then supply detailed information about the possession and location of the person with the gun. If the offender is arrested, the tipster is eligible for a $1,000.00 reward!

How will I live long enough to pick up the reward?
We've got you covered. The Program is designed to maintain anonymity for all tipsters. You will not be identified and your information will remain confidential. Each informational tip is assigned a secret numeric code that serves as the only identification in the reporting and payment process.

How do I know the police will handle the problem?
All law enforcement agencies in Miami-Dade County are committed to a quick and thoroughly ending of any problems involving illegal gun activity. Once the tipster information is confirmed, police will respond immediately.

Where do I collect my reward?
Utilizing your assigned secret numeric code, you will be instructed by Crime Stoppers to collect your reward from a bank.

Program tip: After collecting your reward, don't go and blow it all on a set of rims. Remember, protection is only guaranteed during the Program. What happens after you collect your money is out of our control. We suggest you open an IRA or use it as a deposit on a home you can't afford but won't stop realtors from taking your business anyway.

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