Saturday, July 07, 2007

Florida Filmmaking Deals

Want to make a movie in Florida? Governor Charlie Crist signed a reworked film, TV and digital media incentive package that includes:
  • $25 million for cash reimbursements up to 15% of the total Florida budget of a filmed television show or movie,

  • Unused funds may roll over into next year's budget, allowing for productions to qualify for money in both fiscal years (Florida's fiscal year ends on June 30th),

  • Qualifying expenditure threshold has been lowered from $850,000 to $625,000,

  • Florida's independent filmmakers will need only $100,000 to qualify for state funds,

  • Up to $400,000 will be allowed for individual salaries,

  • A 2 percent bonus is available for family-friendly films.

FYI, Electronic Arts, one of the world's biggest video game makers is based in Orlando (Sun Post).

For more information, click here.

Graphic: Martin Kreloff, from the 1980 Greater Miami International Film Festival.


Dave said...

A 2 percent bonus is available for family-friendly films??????? Doesn't that violate freedom of speech? I suspect dade politicians will be tempted to make campaign short subjects so they can qualify for the moola.

Verticus S. Erectus said...

Dave, I'm sure they'll try but they will be hard pressed to prove in a court of law that anything involved with local politicians is "family-friendly."