Friday, July 06, 2007

Stop Road Rage!

Miami holds the dubious distinction of being number one nationally for road rage for the second year in a row. Bob Kunst wants to do something about it. His organization Stop Road Rage is behind a bumper sticker campaign that exhorts motorists (at least those who can read English) to: "Stop Road Rage/Slower Traffic Keep Right/It's the law."

This, of course, says a lot about our city. Talk about a New York minute, a Miami minute is twice as fast and twice as dangerous if you happen to be holding someone up. Kunst, a long time resident, knows his city well. He could have chosen something biblical for the bumper sticker like: "Do Unto Others." Instead, he chose to address the thing that really talks to us, framing it in language that protects us from getting killed for screaming at the top of our lungs what we are really thinking: "Get out of the way you fucking third-world motherfucking moron!"

Part of his campaign as outlined in the Sun Post includes sending the Pope some bumper stickers for the Pope Mobile ($13.50 gets you 5) in response to the Vatican's recent Driving Ten Commandments. He also sent Paris Hilton some free samples. You gotta love this guy.

Photo: Verticvs driving his chariot down Third World Boulevard (W. Dixie Hwy/N. Miami).


ines said...

road rage in miami is one of those things that is funny and scary at the same time......LOL! you really made me crack up with this!

Verticus S. Erectus said...

Ines, knowing that we have put a smile on someone's face makes all of our hard work worth the effort. Thanks for the positive feedback.