Wednesday, November 01, 2006

THINGS THAT KEEP US UP AT NIGHT: The Fate of our County Rests in the Hands of a Craig's List Want Ad

After seeing this Craig's List posting, perhaps County Commissioner Javier Souto is on to something. Maybe we should be "watching" more carefully. When local elections can be won or lost by a mere hundred votes, should the fate of county government be left in the hands of someone found on a Craig's List ad? How do we know the person who gets the job isn't a Chavez operative trying to circumvent democracy? Isn't Chavez already supplying us with the voting machines? Don't we need a higher standard than "punctual and polite"? We admit that those are pretty high standards considering where we live and that it might be hard to find someone with those attributes but by chance they actually do find someone like that, will there be a background check? Will the applicant have to pass a rudimentary I.Q. test? How do we know the contract worker won't lose them because, despite his punctuality and politeness, he's a complete idiot? How do we know he or she won't get lost driving up from Homestead in the dark, make a wrong turn and end up in Liberty City never to be seen again? How do we know the "contract" worker won't hold the voting results for ransom?

These are the kind of questions that keep us up at night. That and the racket coming up from Opium.

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