Monday, November 13, 2006

Miami Aerial Photos from a Model Airplane

James Good is on to something. He's the only guy using a model airplane to take some amazing aerial photos of Miami. The Miami Herald, local cities and the county ought to hire him to get aerial photos on the cheap-- hell, the guy even gets around in a Mini for crise sakes. No need to hire at considerable expense a helicopter or an airplane pilot to give people a different slant on a story. How 'bout a bird's eye view of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival? Or the next music bash in Bicentennial Park? Or a below the minimum FAA height restriction view of the latest traffic jam brought on when they shut down Biscayne Blvd for some Carnival Center shindig? Heck, his aerial pics would be a unique addition to a wedding album. How 'bout a whole high school graduation photo, maybe spelling out the year with their bodies on the school's phys ed field? We could go on and on, but the truth is, this Miamian has made aerial photography affordable for the masses. You can see more of his work and contact him at Virtual Aerodrome.


James Good said...

Hey, thanks for the article!

That guy in the photo is actually my friend Mike, who designed the aircraft. Clever ole chap.


Anonymous said...

check our field out if any one would like to learn how to fly R/C