Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cool Things Made in Miami: First Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator

If you want to live like the Jetsons, you've got to look to Miami to buy the first pneumatic vacuum elevator in the world. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC, located in south Miami, can put one of these futuristic babies in your home for as little as $20,000. Because it doesn't need any excavated space, it can be installed in existing homes in the stairwell. If you move, you can take it with you. Other selling points:
  • Two /Three stops for residential and special commercial usage.
  • 2-3 hour installation.
  • No excavation, no hoist way, no costly infrastructures.
  • No energy consumption during descent and low when ascending with 110 Volt, or if required 220 Volt turbines.
  • Panoramic 360º visibility.
  • Highest safety during power outages and freefall.
  • Lowest maintenance with no lubrication required.
Installing one of these pneumatic elevators in your home has its practical reasons, of course, especially when climbing up and down stairs gets to be a little too much. But we like it because of its creative, fun solution to solving a problem and its intangible "cool" factor.

Way to go, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC!

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Miami Transit Man said...

Fantastic Concept, but, their website seems kind of amateurish...