Saturday, August 05, 2006

Is it a joke or what...

When the FAA restricts the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts from popping its beacon on and lighting up the night sky because it might interfere with pilots landing at MIA? Hell, if anything it ought to help them find it.

"I lost Miami!"
"Follow the light!"
"It's too bright! I can't see!"
"What? You didn't bring your aviator sunglasses? And you call yourself a pilot?"

(Uncontrolled laughter)

Geesh, I tell you, if I was paranoid, I'd think the Atlanta branch of the FAA which makes up these cockamamied rules has got it in for us. They're even telling us we can't build buildings as big as we want to. The nerve of them. Last time I checked this was America-- except for certain parts of Miami.

(Uneasy laughter)

Hey, I'm only kidding. Lighten up. Where's a translator when you need one?

(Someone heckles the Miami Vision Comic in Spanish. He doesn't know Spanish but senses he may have crossed the line. He tugs at his necktie and begins to sweat under the spot lights. He quickly whips out his emergency back-up line)

I just heard Castro died!

(Uncontrolled cheering and shouts of joy)

Yeah, the first parade is scheduled right after this set.

(Except for a few blog surfers that stumbled into the Miami Vision Comedy Club accidentally and haven't a clue about what is going on, the room is suddenly empty as the audience rushes out onto Calle Ocho to begin another round of marching up and down the street and waving small Cuban flags which they always carry somewhere on their bodies for exactly this kind of news).

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