Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bob Enzyte Arrested at MiamiVision Big Idea Awards!

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"What was he thinking?"

That seems to be the question on everyone's mind following the arrest of Bob Enzyte at the MiamiVision Bob Enzyte Big Idea Awards last night at Churchill's Pub in Little Haiti. Early consensus was that he wasn't. Thinking, that is. All agree that the formal eponymous award ceremony commemorating "big ideas that will make Miami a better place to live," was without incident until Mr. Enzyte stood up to take the mic from Verticus Erectus, publisher of the blog

"The man didn't have any pants on," reports Mr. Erectus. "No one knew this at the time because he was sitting on the stage behind a dais draped with a tablecloth. I mean, Bob's a great guy and all, but ever since he's been self-medicating, he's, well, different."

"I'll say," Alex, the beautiful, tattooed and piereced English barmaid adds. "I was busy working the bar when I heard someone scream. I turned around and saw people yelling, pointing, and running out the door and, well, when I saw what they were pointing at, let's just say, it's something I won't soon forget."

"When I saw that thing coming at me, I backed away and fell off my chair," Bruce Rubin interjected. Mr. Rubin was the honoree of that night's award. "I refused to touch it," he shouted over his shoulder as he exited the building. "And you can keep your stupid award too!"

When asked if MiamiVision Blogarama will continue to share the "Big Idea" award with Mr. Enzyte, a celebrity businessman, Mr. Erectus said, "Right now it's Curry Night and I'm focusing on my potato vindaloo."

We were unable to contact Mr. Enzyte for his side of the story by press time.

Latter MVB Big Idea Awards: Shaya Boymelgreen, Carlyle Group, Jorge Perez.

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