Friday, August 04, 2006

Contract with Habitat For Humanity to build public housing in Miami

If Dade County manager George Burgess was on top of things, he would have known about county public housing employees ripping off the public and stopped them in their tracks. No excuses. He looks like a "Johnny Come Lately" following the Miami Herald series "House of Lies" with his grandstanding after-the-fact. County mayor Carlos Alverez should demand an accounting. Personally, I'd fire the incompetent and hire an organization that understands the meaning of the words "non-profit." If Mayor Alverez has any real vision beyond his strong mayor plan, he should look into contracting with Habitat for Humanity. Hell, I'm sure President Jimmy Carter would be more than happy to take over the public housing reins. Aside from actually building housing for the poor, I'll bet Carter's team would save the county money by excising the bloated, self-serving public housing staff. That's my opinion. What's yours?

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