Wednesday, December 27, 2006

MVB's Top 25 Ideas of 2006

Although it's only been since July that MVB officially has had a public presence with the publishing of this blog, many of the ideas found here have been lobbied for years old school, i.e., via snail mail and the occasional confrontation, excuse us, meeting. We thought it might make an interesting end-of-the-year posting to gather them together in no particular order.
  1. Make it our civic duty to build the tallest building in the world in Miami on the "Boulevard of Giants."
  2. Carnival Miami Orange Bowl Parade: Revive the Orange Bowl Parade by bringing the best Rio Samba schools and floats to parade up and down Biscayne Blvd.
  3. Get our highly paid local artists and athletes to fork up some dough to support our arts through Slam Dunk for the Arts.
  4. Bring the International Toy Center to Miami.
  5. Connect Miami with Miami Beach with a Disney-style monorail.
  6. Put Cirque du Soleil in the Miami Arena or
  7. Attach a new baseball stadium/hotel/convention "megaplex" to the Arena.
  8. Scrap the streetcar for a jitney to employ people and save millions.
  9. Ditch the "Big Dig" and use the train.
  10. Create "Broadway South," a theater district around the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts.
  11. Use shipping containers for a fast, inexpensive solution to Miami's affordable housing crisis.
  12. Make Miami home of the first spaceport.
  13. Facilitate the Watson Island Mega-Yacht Marina where a symbiotic relationship will develop between it and the spaceport.
  14. "Give" the poor our shuttered public housing units in exchange for sweat equity.
  15. Accomodate the "Miami Circle" with a soaring, spirit-lifting, taxpaying condo/office/hotel tower.
  16. Make Miami the first "Airship" port in the world.
  17. Turn Overtown into "Soul Street U.S.A."
  18. Create a world-class surfing pool in downtown Miami.
  19. Use the FEC tracks for commuter rail now!
  20. Recycle technology, build the "Miami Monument" on the cheap.
  21. Recycle the "Harmonic Runway"-- make it the "Harmonic Bridge."
  22. Save the Miami Marine Stadium.
  23. Arc de Fun!-- Miami's answer to the Arc de Triomphe
  24. Joy Temple: Miami's Public Trophy Room.
  25. Free Lolita and build the biggest and best Miami FreeQuarium.

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