Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cool Things Made In Miami: Krinklglo

Want Fiberglas reinforced plastic (FRP) panels up to 5x20 feet that glow in the dark? There is only one place to buy them in the whole world and that's where they're made-- right here in Miami. The glow is as intense as Kryptonite. Imagine whole buildings clad in this stuff. It would be like looking at Oz at night. The company, Dimensional Plastics has been located in Hialeah since 1963 producing its patented line of custom FRP panel stained glass substitutes called Krinklglas. Although they do custom "stained glass" work to your specs, the company is primarily a manufacturer of a variety of decorative FRP panels with machining and cutting-- they can be cut and drilled like wood-- done on site by the buyer. Another product it produces, Panel Blok, is an economical and quick solution to glass block. Because it comes in different thicknesses, the thinner panels can be bent into tight and undulating curves glass block can't match. Best yet, the thicker varieties meet the tough Miami-Dade County code for hurricane panels and the thickest ones will stop bullets.

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