Friday, April 13, 2007

Miami Could Use A Few Good Men In Dresses

MVB finds it amazing that Largo, FL fired its city manager Steve Stanton not for incompetency, but for his desire to become a woman. They don't know how fortunate they were to have a professional who could balance a budget without relying on "fuzzy economics," drama, and innuendo. Most communities (with the possible exception of Hialeah) would kill for competent leadership like that, dick or no dick. We predict the 14-year employee of what is described as a 76,000 "bedroom community" west of Tampa will sue their bigoted, redneck asses for all kinds of legitimate reasons and win.

UpDate (4/14/07): Today's Miami Herald headline: Fired transsexual won't sue Largo.

UpDate (8/28/08): Steve divorces from his wife of 18-years and must pay her $4,756 a month in alimony plus another $799 in child support for their 15-year-old-very-confused-son. Steve has not been able to find a new job since being fired. The support payments will come from Steve's retirement fund. The ex will also receive 50 percent of any money from movies or books re Steve's life.

UpDate (4/9/09): Steve, now Susan, has been hired by the City of Lake Worth as its manager. A contract still has to be negotiated, but the city is offering Susan and annual salary of $150,000 plus a $500-a-month car allowance and other benefits.

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