Monday, April 16, 2007

As MVB Predicted: Debbie Cenziper Wins the Pulitzer Prize!

As we predicted in our August 26th posting, Miami Herald reporter Debbie Cenziper won the Pulitzer today for her outstanding series "House of Lies."* The revelations were so outrageous regarding corruption of the county public housing authority and private individuals willing to rip off the public at the expense of the homeless that it took our nascent blog into a direction we never planned when it debuted only a few weeks earlier. MVB was going to advocate "big ideas" regarding the arts and transportation and other things but because of her diligent reporting, we found it impossible not to get angry and, before we knew it, we were posting comments on each new day's revelation. Congratulations, Ms. Cenziper, for giving all of us living here something finally to be proud about.

*To see a remarkable multi-media presentation of the "House of Lies" series by the Miami Herald, click here. You'll get to see and hear the lovely Ms. Cenziper in a video describing what she uncovered during the seven month series. Well worth the visit.

As a personal aside: I got a clue Ms. Cenziper had won the Pulitzer today when checking our Site Meter. It was picking up "referral" connections with Cenziper and Pulitzer from people doing Google searches. I quickly went to the Herald website to confirm my suspicions and was proven correct. The Internet is also how I discovered the World Trade Center had been attacked. A picture on MyYahoo home page showed smoke rising out of one of the towers. At that point no one was sure what had happened. The TV was switched on and I saw the second jet fly into the other tower. That was followed by the Columbia space shuttle disaster. It first appeared on MyYahoo home page as another picture of streaks of light in the skies over Texas. I turned on the TV to confirm. For me, this was a seachange in getting news since I've been reading newspapers longer than many bloggers are alive. I still look forward to picking up the Miami Herald every morning but I know I may be the last of a dying breed. So, although the Herald is basking in a well-deserved limelight, because of the unique demographics of this community and technology, unless it can adapt, it may soon follow the Miami News-- a paper I use to deliver after school on my bicycle when I was 12-years-old-- into history and rapidly diminishing memory.


Dayngr said...

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your kind words of support. I'll never forget everyone who took the time to help me through the loss of my mother.

Verticus S. Erectus said...

Well, Ms. Dayngr, I'm sorry to hear she passed. From your posts it looked like she was ready. You did all you could in the end for her. You are a good daughter. Now you have to take care of your babies. And so it goes.