Thursday, August 23, 2007

Roxcy, Pickup Trucks and Coral Gables, the City Anal

Reading today's Miami Herald story about two brother lawyers taking on and winning a battle against the City of Coral Gables over the right to park their pick up truck in the "City Beautiful" got us to thinking about the late Roxcy Bolton. Ms. Bolton was the one-woman dynamo who, among other things, got hurricanes named after men too, instead of just women. But she couldn't convince Coral Gables back in the 70's to cut her some slack regarding parking her pickup truck at her home. So, when we read brothers Lowell and Spencer Kuvin were able to persuade a Third District Court of Appeal judge to rule the city's statute was unconstitutional, we couldn't help but think Roxcy was finally getting the last laugh. Senior Judge Alan Schwartz paraphrased a Pete Seeger song in his written opinion:

"Perhaps Coral Gables can require that all its houses be made of ticky-tacky and that they all look just the same, but it cannot mandate that its people are, or do. Our nation and way of life are based on a treasured diversity, but Coral Gables punishes it."


For those who have never heard of Pete Seeger or his song and for those who would like to hear it again, please click the button, mix up a mojito and offer up a toast to the brothers Kuvin, the Judge and Roxcy!


Anonymous said...

Good. Now one could only hope they would be forced to put up legible street signs... on posts.

Verticus S. Erectus said...

Man do I hear you on that one. I've lived here most of my life and venturing into Coral Gables is a major hassle because of the goddamn street signs. Who ever heard of putting them on the ground? Only in Miami-- and Coral Gables.

Spencer said...

Glad to avenge Roxy. It took us 4 years but eventually we beat City Hall!

Spencer Kuvin